What do you want to create.

Create amazing real apps from scratch and show it off on your portfolio or use them to start your own startup.

Ruby on Rails Fundamentals

We'll guide you through all the basic bits and pieces like installing Rails, getting in touch with the command line, setting up Github and Heroku accounts and get important overviews about programming concepts.

  • 4h14min
  • 38 lectures
  • beginner

2 Sided Marketplace

Do you have an amazing business idea for a marketplace? We teach you step by step how build web platform where people can exchange goods or services.

  • 4h06min
  • 36 lectures
  • intermediate

Social Network

Did you discover the magical niche for a new social network? Learn how to make a social network platform where people can connect, and share information.

  • 5h54min
  • 36 lectures
  • advanced

Directory Website

We'll teach you the main concepts behind websites like Yelp, Tripadvisor or Craigslist by building a platform where people can search for people, goods or businesses, view information and share reviews.

  • Available at: February 2015
  • intermediate

Automated Posts on Social Networks

Ever wanted to automate your posts through multiple social networks with just 1 click? We'll teach you how to work with the APIs of some of the most popular social networks so you'll use this app everyday yourself :)

  • Available at: March 2015
  • intermediate

Web Scraper

A web scrapper is tremendously useful whenever you want to gather data from multiple websites and save an enormous amount of manual work. In this course we teach you the main principles behind this science.

  • Available at: April 2015
  • advanced

Crowdfunding Marketplace

We'll guide you through the main challenges of building a specific typo of marketplace where users vote/invest in other users' projects.

  • Available at: May 2015
  • intermediate

Dating App

This course teaches you how to create and deploy a dating app where users can quickly check and rate other users.

  • Available at: June 2015
  • intermediate