Learn how to build a marketplace using Ruby on Rails

Build an online marketplace like Airbnb, Ebay or Elance.

Course estimated completion time

30 days   1 hour a day

45 days   45 minutes a Day

60 days   30 minutes a Day

Course Division Options

Advanced  Only the terminal commands and source code additions

Beginner  Advanced + Important concept explanations + Rails Fundamentals on the subject


Do you have an amazing business idea for a marketplace? We teach you step by step how build web platform where people can exchange goods or services.

We advise this course as a follow-up to the Rails Fundamentals course as you'll become acquainted with many new interesting concepts and will develop a very useful and popular type of platform: a marketplace website like Airbnb.com

Get acquainted with the tools

Rails installation
Command line

Kickass with the really cool stuff

Ruby on Rails

Course Overview.

2 Sided Marketplace

The Marketplace (02:16)
Planning (25:26)
Installing the Fundamentals (08:37)
Setting the Structure (33:59)
Books (45:00)
Handling Permissions (28:13)
Handling Attachments (03:53)
Different Universes (03:25)
Working with Storage (21:59)
Improving Accessibility (06:35)
Sales Almighty (25:38)
Security and Control (25:38)
3,2,1 Deploy (15:32)