Learn how to build an online review and directory website using Ruby on Rails

Build a directory website like Yelp and fit it to a specific segment.

Course estimated completion time

30 days   1 hour a day

45 days   45 minutes a Day

60 days   30 minutes a Day

Course Division Options

Advanced  Only the terminal commands and source code additions

Beginner  Advanced + Important concept explanations + Rails Fundamentals on the subject


We'll teach you the main concepts behind websites like Yelp, Tripadvisor or Craigslist by building a platform where people can search for people, goods or businesses, view information and share reviews.

We advise this course for intermediate students that want to go through the hurdles of building a high search volume traffic website like Yelp.com

Get acquainted with the tools

Rails installation
Command line

Kickass with the really cool stuff

Ruby on Rails

Course Overview.

Directory Website

Introduction (Optional) (00:02)
First Steps (00:05)
Design Sells (00:03)
Early Deployment (00:02)
Installing Essentials (00:03)
User Experience (00:06)
Getting to Speed with Location Based Data (00:04)
Generating Reviews (00:02)
Making Everything Look Better (00:02)
Extras (00:01)
3,2,1 Deploy (00:01)
Awesome (00:02)