Learn Ruby on Rails fundamentals by building a Management Tool

Get step by step instructions on how to build a working prototype

Course estimated completion time

30 days   1 hour a day

45 days   45 minutes a Day

60 days   30 minutes a Day

Course Division Options

Advanced  Only the terminal commands and source code additions

Beginner  Advanced + Important concept explanations + Rails Fundamentals on the subject


We'll guide you through all the basic bits and pieces like installing Rails, getting in touch with the command line, setting up Github and Heroku accounts and get important overviews about programming concepts.

We advise complete beginners to start off with this course as you'll not only learn the basics but also develop a real working web app: a project management tool like Trello.com.

Get acquainted with the tools

Rails installation
Command line

Kickass with the really cool stuff

Ruby on Rails

Course Overview.

Ruby on Rails Fundamentals

Introduction (03:40)
First Steps (20:06)
Design Sells (07:50)
Organisation Matters (04:49)
Navigation Also Matters (06:06)
User Experience (18:18)
Design Sells a Lot (12:13)
Users are Important (41:53)
Finally the Tasks (06:09)
Architecture (36:16)
Making it a To Do List (37:13)
Back to Design (39:33)
Extras (10:33)
3-2-1 Deploy (09:04)
Awesomeness (00:35)