Learn how to build a social network using Ruby on Rails

Build the next booming niche social network.

Course estimated completion time

30 days   1 hour a day

45 days   45 minutes a Day

60 days   30 minutes a Day

Course Division Options

Advanced  Only the terminal commands and source code additions

Beginner  Advanced + Important concept explanations + Rails Fundamentals on the subject


Did you discover the magical niche for a new social network? Learn how to make a social network platform where people can connect, and share information.

We advise this course for beginners that want to get acquainted with social engagement tools where you will develop a social network a bit like Facebook.com

Get acquainted with the tools

Rails installation
Command line

Kickass with the really cool stuff

Ruby on Rails

Course Overview.

Social Network

The Social Network (00:01)
Planning (28:14)
Starting Fresh (02:05)
Time Travel (19:55)
Planting the Seeds (08:48)
Special People (13:54)
Social Musts (23:00)
User Profiles (19:43)
Friendship Foundations (01:34:14)
Activity (26:16)
Sharing is Caring (35:20)
The Big Picture (01:11:03)
Production (11:45)