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Ruby on Rails Fundamentals

Get step by step instructions on how to build a working prototype

Ruby on Rails Fundamentals

Get step by step instructions on how to build a working prototype

The Fundamentals

We'll guide you through all the basic bits and pieces like installing Rails, getting in touch with the command line, setting up Github and Heroku accounts and get important overviews about programming concepts.

We advise complete beginners to start off with this course as you'll not only learn the basics but also develop a real working web app: a project management tool like Trello.com.

Get acquainted with the tools

Rails installation
Command line

Kickass with the really cool stuff

Ruby on Rails

improve your skills creating real apps

Create amazing real apps from scratch and show it off on your portfolio or use them to start your own startup.

2 Sided Marketplace

Build an online marketplace like Airbnb, Ebay or Elance.

Social Network

Build the next booming niche social network.

Directory Website

Build a directory website like Yelp and fit it to a specific segment.

more awesome apps
Add features just like puzzle blocks

So you want to customize your prototype with some special features? Check Codecasts for feature addons you can implement on your newly created prototypes.

Paypal Payments

Get money flowing in your app

Facebook Authentication

Make a friendlier app login.

Admin Panel

Set up your app administration backoffice.


Make it easy to search for information in your app.

Automated Emails

Make your app a reliable email sending machine.

Google Maps

Allow your app to use geolocation services.

Google Analytics

Gather important insights about your app.

More awesome Codecasts coming soon!
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Who is it for.

Create great apps on your own

create your own startup

You have a brilliant idea but are having difficulties finding that perfect technical co-founder. We will teach you how to create a prototype to validate your idea as fast as possible.

Become a software developer

Developers are the new stars in the tech industry with some getting paid more then $120k a year. We will teach you how to create up your git portfolio to get you that dream job.

Grab a great job.

There are amazing rails jobs waiting for you. Commit to learning and perfecting your technical skills and take advantage of our recruitment partnerships.

Student Love.


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